Multi-Core DSP, Low Power Smart Codec with Integrated Sensor Hub

The CS47L85 combines a 900 MIPS multi-core audio signal processor with a high performance 6/8 channel 24-bit high-fidelity codec embedded with SoundClear? software technology to support multiple concurrent audio functions including multi-microphone wideband noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), mono active noise cancellation (ANC) and speed and media enhancement. SoundClear Control provides “always on, always listening” multi-trigger word detection without keeping the applications processor awake to conserve standby-mode power. SoundClear Sense supports applications that increase contextual awareness, including advanced motion sensing and pedestrian navigation functionality. The IC also includes 3 stereo, multi-purpose headphone output drivers plus 2 stereo Class D speaker output drivers, and a 4-channel digital speaker interface. The power, clocking and output driver architectures of the CS47L85 are designed to maximize battery life for voice, music and standby modes using 1.8 V and 1.2 V external supplies.



Smart Codecs


  • 900 MIPS, 900 MMAC multi-core audio-signal processor
  • Enhanced DRE processing (eDRE) for 121dB SNR
  • Fixed function signal-processing functions
  • Multi-channel asynchronous sample-rate conversion
  • Integrated multi-channel 24-bit hi-fi audio hub codec
  • Four digital microphone inputs (two stereo interfaces)
  • Three stereo headphone/earpiece/line output drivers
  • Two 2 W Class D speaker output drivers
  • Four full digital audio interfaces
    • Sample rates 8 kHz up to 192 kHz
  • Flexible clocking, derived from MCLKn or AIFn
    • Three low power frequency-locked loops (FLLs) support reference clocks down to 32 kHz
    • Ultra low power consumption for “always on” functions
  • Configurable functions up to 40 GPIO pins
  • Integrated regulators and charge pumps
  • Small WLCSP package, 0.4-mm, 176-ball array

Parametric Specifications

Not Recommended for New Designs

Software and Tools

CS47L85 Setup

Jan 8, 2019, Rev 2.4.6 : 7.7Mb

Device Pack for CS47L85

Sep 26, 2017, v2.4.1 : 7.6 Mb


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