Ultra Compact, Low Power Smart Codec with Dual Core DSP

The CS47L24 combines an advanced 300 MIPS dual core DSP with a high performance audio hub codec embedded with SoundClear? software technology to add “voice” to mobile, wearable and smart home devices. SoundClear Control enables 'always on' voice with the option of local command and control — all at power levels that are kind on battery life. This highly integrated IC features a variety of power efficient, fixed function, audio-processing blocks supported by a fully flexible, all digital mixing and routing engine with sample rate converters to provide design flexibility across a variety of platforms. The power, clocking and output driver architectures of the CS47L24 are designed to maximize battery life for voice, music and standby modes using 1.8 V and 1.2 V external supplies.



Smart Codecs, Audio DSPs


  • 300 MIPS, 300MMAC dual-core audio-signal processor
  • Enhanced DRE processing (eDRE) for 121dB SNR
  • Fixed function signal-processing functions
  • Multi-channel asynchronous sample-rate conversion
  • Integrated multi-channel 24-bit hi-fi audio hub codec
  • Four digital microphone inputs (two stereo interfaces)
  • Stereo headphone/earpiece/line output driver
  • Mono 2 W Class D speaker output driver
  • Three full digital audio interfaces
  • Flexible clocking, derived from MCLKn or AIFn
  • Two low power frequency-locked loops (FLLs) support reference clocks down to 32 kHz
  • Configurable functions on two GPIO pins
  • Integrated regulators and charge pumps
  • Small WLCSP package, 0.4-mm ball array

Parametric Specifications

DACs 3
DAC Dynamic Range (dB) 115
DAC THD+N (dB) -92
Sample Rate (kHz) 8-192
Analog Power Supply (V) 1.8
Digital Power Supply (V) 1.2;
Power Consumption (mW) 3.2-833
Package 63 WLCSP

Software and Tools

Device Pack for CS47L24

Sep 26, 2017, v1.1.4 : 12.7 Mb

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